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HCRG Care Group is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of adults, children and young people and protecting them from the risk of harm. To achieve this we have dedicated national and local Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Leads. Our policies, guidance and practices reflect statutory, national and local safeguarding requirements. You can find out more about these safeguarding requirements by going to the Bath and North East Somerset safeguarding website

HRCG Care Group provides services across Bath and North East Somerset on behalf of the Council and CCG. All agencies involved in providing care and support for adults work together to respond in a coordinated way to cases of suspected harm or abuse of adults. In partnership with Bath and North East Somerset Council, our Adult Social Care teams will investigate any safeguarding concerns. In doing this we aim to ensure that people’s rights are respected and, where appropriate, advice, help and protection will be offered. 

Safeguarding children

Bath and North East Somerset Council Children’s Social Work Services are responsible for all concerns regarding the welfare of children. If you have a concern about a child or a family, please contact them on 01225 396 111 or 01225 477 929 (weekdays, 8.30am to 5pm, except Fridays when they are closed from 4.30pm) to discuss any safeguarding concerns. In the event of an emergency, always call the police on 999.

Safeguarding adults

‘Safeguarding adults’ means protecting an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.  Any adult at risk of abuse or neglect should be able to access appropriate help to address concerns and to enable them to live a life free from violence and abuse whilst remaining involved and at the centre of all decision making.

Under section 42 of the Care Act 2014, safeguarding duties apply to any adult (18 years of age and over) who has needs for care and support (whether or not those needs are currently being met)

  • Is experiencing, or is at risk of abuse or neglect
  • Is unable to protect themselves from either the risk of, or the experience of, abuse or neglect

There is a duty to ensure that safeguarding enquiries will be made for any adult referred who meet the criteria.

How to raise a safeguarding concern

If you are concerned that a vulnerable adult is at risk of abuse, harm or neglect, please contact us to discuss your concerns by calling 01225 394 200 . In the event of an emergency, always call the police on 999.

On evenings, weekends and bank holidays, call the Emergency Duty Social Work Team on 01454 615 165. If the adult is in immediate danger always call the police on 999. The non-urgent police number is 101.

Please also refer to Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Safeguarding advice.

Our commitment to you

We will work in close collaboration with other agencies to fulfil our responsibilities to vulnerable adults, to prevent both the risk and the experience of abuse or neglect.

For the adult at risk of harm, we will:

  • Ensure that the adult’s wellbeing is promoted and that the adult’s wishes, feelings and beliefs are always at the centre of decision making, ensuring that safeguarding is made personal to them.
  • Ensure that all safeguarding actions will be led by the adult at risk
  • Respond to the safeguarding concern or alert in a timely way, ensuring that concerns are handled sensitively
  • Where possible, address what has caused the abuse or neglect and discuss with the adult  how we can help them to prevent harm or abuse happening again
  • Ensure that the adult is supported by family, friends  or an independent  person such as an advocate if that is appropriate
  • Provide support for adults that do not have mental capacity to make specific decisions around safeguarding and protecting themselves from harm through a “Best Interest” decision, providing the adult with independent support

Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB) information, leaflets, posters or multi-agency safeguarding policies and procedures.