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Integrated Care Record

What is an Integrated Care Record?

Health and Care organisations across Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) are working together to make available an Integrated Care Record (ICR).  An Integrated Care Record is a system which interfaces with different digital health and social care records allowing secure access to key information by professionals involved in your care, and these systems are being rolled out across England by the local health services. This includes your GP, hospital and other care organisations.

In BaNES, HCRG Care Group are leading this programme as part of the delivery of the ‘Your Care Your Way’ vision, to join-up relevant information. This will ensure key professionals are able to access appropriate, timely, relevant information they need to support you, even if they work for different organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of sharing

You probably expect that the people who look after you already have instant access to relevant information about you but that hasn’t been the case – until now. Your GP, hospitals, community health, mental health and social care teams could each hold important information about your care, but it has not always been easily available to other parts of your local NHS and care community.

The Bath and North East Somerset Integrated Care Record means that:

  • Professionals can make quicker and more effective decisions about supporting you, and you may need to spend less time repeating the same information
  • Members of your care team can access the information they need to look after you, even if they work for different organisations
What does this mean for me and my family?
  • If you are seeing someone in a clinical setting (such as in a clinic or a hospital) this may mean a reduction in assessments and tests. This is because clinicans can see more information about your condition, and so it can potentially reduce delays to your treatment caused by a lack of information.
  • In a social care setting this may mean a more joined up approach of the support you receive
  • If you are at risk of being admitted into hospital we may be able to identify this more quickly and put support in place to avoid the medical need for you to be admitted.
  • If you are in hospital, knowing the support you have in place normally may enable us to get you home more quickly.
  • If you need support from an out of hours clinician they will now be able to know which other services are involved in your care. This means they are in a better position to provide support that is more customised to your specific needs.

You do not need to do anything to start benefiting from the integrated care record.

How does it work?

The Integrated Care Record is a secure shared digital record that is only provided to health and  social care organisations who are able to comply with the relevant laws about information retention. The information can only be used for providing you with health and care.

The Integrated Care Record is only accessible via a professionals host system. This means they will only be able to access it from the system that they already record notes on in a secure environment. Individual user access is dependent on a professional’s work role – their role defines which information they see.

Only those directly involved with your care and authorised to use the system can see your information, and records are kept of who accesses which records.

The Integrated Care Record system that is being used in Bath and North East Somerset is supplied by Graphnet who provide a number of integrated care records systems, through their product Care Centric, across the UK.

What is shared about me?

It has always been the case that your health and social care records were shared between those  other care professionals supporting you. But in the past, this was done by fax, letter, email or even over the phone. This was not the most reliable or secure way to share important personal information.

Rest assured that not everyone looking after you is able to see every detail in your records. The detail that staff can see is linked to the job they do. If their job doesn’t require them to see specific information, they cannot see it.

Integrated Care Records information may include:

  • Medication you’ve been prescribed and changes to your prescriptions
  • Contact details for you and those involved in your care
  • Medical conditions or allergies you may have
  • Reports on X-rays and blood test results
  • Key documents such as care plans and letters about treatment and referrals
  • Details of the operations and medical procedures you’ve received
  • Your hospital, GP and social care referrals and appointments
  • Safeguarding alerts
Benefits of using the ICR during COVID-19
Who is involved

In Bath and North East Somerset the following organisations so far are involved: HCRG Care Group General Practices, Bath and North East Somerset Council, Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Medvivo Out of Hours services. It is a programme that is supported by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Contact details

If you would like to know more about the Integrated Care Records programme in Bath and North East Somerset please contact us initially on  0300 247 0200

Or please write to us at Integrated Care Records Programme, HCRG Care Group , Kempthorne House, St Martins Hospital, Bath BA2 5RP

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