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PODIATRY Meet the Team

Podiatry Lead


” I have been a Podiatrist since 2002 and I started with this team in 2004. I started out as a community podiatrist and then developed to a Musculoskeletal specialist. I have worked in the rheumatology hospital and in the sports injuries clinic.

I am an experienced nail surgery clinician and have undertaken around 1000 procedures so far.

During Covid I started to get more interested in the organisational side of podiatry. I am currently doing a level 3 leadership apprenticeship. I am proud to to work with and lead this team which are like family now. ”



Diabetes Specialists


“Well, I have done a bit of a “full circle” really. I started my career here in Bath with the BANES community podiatry team in 2016 after qualifying from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

I then moved to work in North Somerset for 3 years before returning to BANES to re-join the diabetes team.

I have mainly covered the high-risk foot and community podiatry. I have now joined Ollie and am one of the Diabetes Specialists Podiatrists”


“Having graduated in 2013, I have worked in BaNES and South Gloucestershire, mainly in high risk diabetic foot disease as well as a short spell in private practice.

Most of my work now revolves around the RUH, where I share my responsibilities with Katy. This consists of working in the acute setting, helping to facilitate the flow of inpatients through the hospital with the aim of preventing admission and discharging back to the community in a timely manner whilst ensuring everyone gets the most appropriate care for their needs.

I also work in the outpatient diabetic foot clinic, where we aim to seamlessly connect the acute and community care settings, providing the specialist MDT care alongside consultants. I also cover clinics and emergencies out in the community.”

Musculoskeletal Specialists


Karen Folan-

I started working in Bath in 2003 moving from Dorset I qualified in 1989 and have since converted my diploma and graduated from Queen Margaret University.

I love working within the Podiatry team in BANES, I have seen many changes since joining and it is wonderful to see former students, join the team and colleagues re- join the team again.

I enjoy the variety of my work in community clinics which includes diabetic and high-risk foot conditions, nail avulsion procedures and musculoskeletal conditions.

I have recently been able to expand my role, which now includes working in rheumatology and sports injuries clinics.

It still amazes me how unique our feet are to get us around daily so I am still enthusiastic about Podiatry, after all these years.

Community Podiatrists


I graduated in 2010 and have been working for the Banes Podiatry team for 10 years as community specialist Podiatrist. I am currently working at RUH in the Diabetic Specialist Podiatrist role dealing with high risk feet.


“My name is Sarah and I am a specialist community podiatrist.

I have been working as a podiatrist since qualifying in 1988 and have experienced many changes during this time, I enjoy my work and have had  a great career with challenges along the way !

I work at Paulton hospital, mainly treating diabetic foot wounds in a weekly ulcer clinic. I also work in a GP surgery in Twerton , supporting  the local community In addition providing Domiciliary visits to our housebound patients in  BANES.”


“My name is Lucy and I have been part of the BaNES podiatry team since 2012. I graduated from Plymouth School of Podiatry in 1995 and I worked in North Derbyshire prior to moving to this area.

I am currently based in Keysham where I do ulcer and routine clinics. I also visit our more vulnerable members of the community in their homes. I love my work and two days are never the same!”


“I’m Eloise, one of the podiatrists from the BANES team. I qualified from Plymouth University in 2019 and I have worked in community Podiatry clinics across Bath and Bristol ever since. Most weekends I’m at a beach and in the water, I really enjoy paddle boarding and have a newfound love/ hate relationship with cold water swimming!

If you fancy a chat, you’ll usually find me in the staff room fueling my caffeine addiction or around the Podiatry department at St Martins Hospital. Feel free to pop in and say hi!”

Footcare Assistant


“I’m Clare and I work as a foot care assistant in the podiatry team. I have been working in this role since early 2019.

This department is not new to me, once upon a time back in 2001 I worked here as a podiatrist when I first moved to Bristol. I left shortly after that to have a family and ended up doing various other things until my return.

I was delighted that some of the staff members I knew back then we’re still working in the department….it feels good to be back😀”



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