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An ingrown toenail is a very common but painful condition where the toenail can grow into the surrounding skin (sulci). It can become inflamed, pusy, and infected, and may require antibiotics.

Podiatry can offer surgical correction of ingrown toenails. This is a procedure which is carried out under local anesthetic, part (or all) of the nail is removed and a chemical is applied to prevent it from re-growing, essentially modifying the shape of the nail.

Podiatry will carry out an assessment prior to any procedure to ensure you are suitable and to discus aftercare.

The podiatry department undertakes around 400 nail surgery procedures per year!


• You will be sent a specific appointment to attend for any nail surgery procedure.
• You will not need to miss meals before hand
• You should arrange to rest your foot for the rest of the day after surgery – this may mean time off work or school
• You should not drive with a numb toe and should arrange suitable transport home that will allow the toe to rest.
• You should take all your normal medication prior to attending unless you have been specifically advised not to by the podiatrist or a Doctor.
• You should bring any medication you may need with you like asthma inhalers or Epi pens.
• You should eat sensible the day of surgery.

The surgery procedure normally takes less that 10 mins, however you will be with us about 45 mins, while we go through the paperwork and completed the anesthetic.
Be reassured we will not start until the toe is numb!

Link –   NAIL SURGERY Pre Op Leaflet

Link – for clinicians – Nail Surgery Consent form




You will have left nail surgery with a large toe dressing.
This only needs to stay on for 24 hours (approximately).

You will need to redress your toe the day after surgery to replace the large dressing with a smaller one.
You may be offered an appointment in clinic to do this however most people manage this at home themselves.

To perform a nail surgery redressing we ask that you remove the original dressing, bathe the toe for 3 mins in a salt solution and then redress with a smaller sterile dressing.

You should have been provided with a few dressings but will need to stock your own after they run out. Dressings like to the ones provided can be found on amazon or similar sites.

Dressings will need to be performed DAILY until the wound is dry which can take 6 weeks.
If the wound looks red, hot, smelly, pusy or weepy this may be a sign of infection, you should consult with your GP about antibiotics.

If you wish to consult with the podiatry team phone our administration team on 0300 247 0200. They may ask you for a PHOTO to be viewed by the clinician.

Link –  NAIL SURGERY Post Op Leaflet



This video shows you ONE technique to re-dress a toe.




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