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What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the medical assessment and/or treatment of problems relating to your feet and lower limb.
The foot is one of the hardest working areas in our bodies and it is often thought of last.

The foot can be particularly affected in lots of long-term medical conditions, like diabetes and Rheumatoid arthritis.

The aim of the Podiatry Service is to maintain the HEALTH of the people in Banes, using our knowledge and skills in assessment and treatment of “feet in need”.

The podiatry service is for “feet in need”. This is assessed by the podiatrists, via triage of referrals and assessment.

There is a prioritisation of services to service users with the most high-risk feet. This helps us prevent life and limb threatening complications.

We categorised foot risk in the following way: –

ACTIVE – those with active ulceration, bacterial infection, tissue damage or active diabetic bone changes (Charcot neuroarthropathy) etc.

HIGH RISK – previous ulceration, previous amputation, on renal therapy, high risk of ulceration due to medical condition for example peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis etc.

MODERATE RISK – deformity, OR loss of sensation, OR poor circulation (that is not critical) with a medical risk factor for example diabetes

LOW RISK – foot problem with a medical risk factor that increases foot risk but with no loss in sensation or circulation, OR for a package of care like nail surgery or musculoskeletal therapy but are medically fit.

• Podiatry DOES NOT provide nail care to patients who have NO increased medical risk to their feet.


• This service is provided for the people of Bath and North-East Somerset (BaNES).
• We accept self-referral via the below referral form.
• Musculoskeletal referrals will need to be requested by the GP or physiotherapist and advice like exercise and weight loss started.
• Home visit referrals are only accepted from GP’s or other medical professional, and this is further assessed by the clinicians based on our criteria.
• Your request will be returned to you if we do not have enough information, or you do not meet the criteria for assessment.

Podiatry Application Form CLICK HERE

Email Referrals to:-

Or post to –

Address: –

Podiatry (administration only)
Unit 2
The Business Park
Roman way
Peasedown St John

Telephone: – 0300 247 0200



Podiatry patients are encouraged to make their own appointments by contacting our central booking line.

An episode of care will stay open for 18 months without contact. After this time, you will be discharged. Please feel free to re-apply to the service at any time. the application form can be found below.



The Podiatry service offers a small number of home visits to TOTALLY HOUSEBOUND patients. Podiatry is a medical treatment and as such should be performed in a clinical environment.

Home Visit Information Leaflet – Click HERE

The below link will take you to the Council website page on community transport solutions.

Community transport | Bath and North East Somerset Council (




This is a medical service and there are many LUCKY people out there who will not qualify for treatment as their foot risk is low.
• We do not treat healthy nails
• We do not collect samples for fungal assessment
• We do not treat verruca
• We do not treat corn or callous without a medical condition that puts the foot at risk.
• We do not treat asymptomatic “flat feet”


If you have an urgent problem with your foot AND you have a risk factor like diabetes, please IMMEDIATELY seek medical help.

Podiatry – 0300 247 0200
RUH diabetes Centre – 01225 824061
Your own GP –
NHS 111 –
Local Accident and Emergency








Please take the time to anonymously complete this NHS survey about the service provided.

Friends and Family test. 

The unique code for BaNES PODIATRY and FOOT SERVICE is


“The staff are very cheerful and helpful and they do a very good job as well. Well done to all the staff.”