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Hearing and Vision Service

We offer support for adults in B&NES with sensory impairments and their carers. We are a skilled specialist team that provides relevant information, accurate assessments and services that promote their independence and safety.

Keynsham Health Centre, St Clements Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1AF
t: 01225 395 331 | Textphone: 07812260515

The team comprises of social workers who have knowledge and skills in specialist communication (including BSL), deafness, visual impairment and dual sensory loss. The Social Workers undertake Care Act assessments with specific focus on sensory issues and their impacts. They provide specialist advice, information, signposting, emotional support and care planning.  They also participate in the Safeguarding Adults process bringing a specialist sensory impairment perspective. Their work can often include long-term complex case management providing support, enabling development and promoting wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Officer

We also have a Rehabilitation Officer for people with visual impairment. This specialist qualification is identified as a specific role in the Care Act 2014. The Rehabilitation Officer for Visually Impaired people has specialist knowledge of the impact of a visual impairment on daily life.  Specialist support is provided together with important information about specific eye conditions and their practical and emotional impact.

How we can help you

The service has extensive specialist skills which are used to foster and develop independence and confidence.  We teach on a one to one basis independent living skills, kitchen skills, communication skills (including braille, use of large print etc.) IT skills (use of new technology and specialist software), mobility skills (e.g. long cane use, orientation skills), low vision support and equipment assessments, enhancing use of remaining vision.


The team takes all opportunities to provide sensory impairment awareness training to other professionals and organisations as well as to family or those in touch with people with sensory impairment.  They work collaboratively and jointly with other professionals and organisations, ensuring the sensory perspective is not marginalised. The team continually tries to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date and relevant through training and attending specialist events; included in this is understanding the possible application of new technology in the sensory impairment field.  This small multi professional team has a strong and solid foundation of wide knowledge and experience of the sensory impairment field which we constantly share with each other to the benefit of our client group.

We also work in partnership with Guide Dogs to provide a Habilitation service for children and young people with vision impairments on behalf of Bath and North East Somerset Council. This service undertakes a specialist assessment and provides advice, information and training in mobility and life skills to the children, their parents and teaching staff as appropriate in order to develop independence skills.