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Hearing and Vision Service

The workers in this team have skills, knowledge and experience to support and assist people with poor hearing and/or vision. Some staff are trained in British Sign Language.


Our Adult Audiology Service provides an NHS hearing aid fitting service to residents of Bath & North East Somerset, with a choice of convenient local clinics.

Bladder and Bowel Service

The Adult Bladder and Bowel Care Service has a team of specialist nurses who have advanced knowledge in the assessment and treatment of bladder and bowel problems.

Community Hospitals

We provide services in St Martin’s and Paulton Community Hospitals.

IV Therapy

The Specialist IV Therapy Nurse Service provides intravenous treatments in your home or in local clinics. We provide a variety of treatments including blood transfusions, venesections, IV fluids, IV therapies and central line care.

Falls Service

Our specialist Falls and Balance Service aims to provide advice, management and treatment for people who have balance problems or who have had a fall. This service, in conjunction with other community services, aims to reduce the number of falls that result in serious injury and ensure effective treatment and rehabilitation for those who have fallen or who are at risk of falling.

Health in Pregnancy Service

We support you with your health during pregnancy, such as with eating more fruit and veg, exercising regularly and stopping smoking. (External website)

Hearing Therapy

This service provides advice and support for those with conditions of hearing and balance.

Heart Failure Service

Through holistic assessment, the heart failure nurse specialists provide support, education and promote self -management strategies for those who have a confirmed diagnosis of Heart Failure, in collaboration families and their carers.

Lymphoedema Service

The Lymphoedema nurse-led community service provides assessment, treatment and advice

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist Nurses

The MS Nurse runs an outpatient clinic as well as offering home visits. This service offers regular reviews of your condition, including advice and support to enable you to influence decisions concerning your care.

Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy out-patients service provides holistic assessment and treatment for a range of painful joint, muscle and nerve problems.

Neurology Outpatient Physiotherapy

Providing specialist Physiotherapy assessment and treatment in an outpatient clinic environment.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Our specialist teams of dietitians provide a community based Nutrition and Dietetics service. We work in the community and in hospitals to help people make dietary changes to prevent and treat nutrition related diseases. (External link)

Orthopaedic Interface Service

The service provides specialist assessment, diagnosis and management of orthopaedic problems including requesting investigations (x-ray, MRI), administering steroid injections and, where appropriate, referring patients to secondary care.

Parkinson’s and Related Conditions

This specialist clinic is run by a multi-disciplinary team providing assessment, support, rehabilitation and general health advice for patients with Parkinson’s and other related disorders.

Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist

The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist is an experienced General Registered Nurse with specialist training, knowledge and skills in Parkinson’s related conditions. They work closely with GPs, Consultants and other health professionals and aim to improve the quality of lives for people with Parkinson’s and their carers.

Paulton Minor Injuries Unit

Our minor injuries service offers treatment for adults, children and young people for a wide range of minor injuries.


The service offers preventative and general care for patients with medical conditions. It also covers wound care, nail surgery and musculoskeletal disorders.

RICE – Research Institute for the Care of Older People

RICE is one of our sub-commissioned services, who provide The RICE Memory Clinic which assesses and diagnoses dementia and memory changes for adults within BaNES alongside their other charitable work in research and support for those impacted by dementia and other conditions of older age.

Read RICE’s Outstanding 2022 CQC report at:

Specialist Drug and Alcohol Services

Our community drug and alcohol teams offer support to those with drug and alcohol problems. (External website)

 Specialist Nursing

Our Specialist Nursing Service aims to provide specialist home nursing for specific conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, MND, tissue viability or Chronic Heart Failure.

 Speech and Language Therapy

Adult Speech and Language Therapy Services provide assessment, advice, information and support for adults and their families or carers, who have difficulties with communication (speech, language or voice) and/or swallowing.

Tissue Viability

The nurses in the team provide expert advice and support to all staff on caring for patients with all types of wounds, including pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot wounds, surgical wounds and fungating tumours.