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You Said, We Did

Each month HCRG Care Group makes one change in every single service it runs as a direct result of feedback from the people who use the services. From little changes like moving chairs around to big ones – such as offering additional appointments or helping a patient with a specific request – it’s part of how HCRG Care Group makes sure that everyone feels the difference.

We’ll add the best examples here over the last quarter from across all of our services in B&NES:

Supported Living Service
You Said: A service user who was having issues with mobility which was then impacting on her ability to access the community independently said she wanted to move to more suitable accommodation.
We Did: The service was able to support her with this process. Working closely with her Social Worker and two housing associations the service user was able to find accommodation where she would be able to call on support when she needed but would also be able to access the local community facilities independently. Our service was also able to support the service user with the move, for example, arranging removals, contracting utilities etc.

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service
You Said: Nurseries / settings told us they wanted more targets for individual children on how to support their speech, language and communication skills.
We Did: The Pre-School Language Care Pathway was redesigned to accommodate this request.

Ambulatory Care
You Said: Service user needed a course of podiatry treatment and could only get to Keynsham
We Did: We altered the timetable to enable a member of staff to be in Keynsham at the time the service user could make it.

Community Paediatrics
You said: A child with autism and severe anxiety said, “I can’t come to clinic without my dog.”
We did: The Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Community Health and Care Community Paediatrics Services arranged a venue where a dog was allowed so the child could be seen and assessed.