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Transformation update

Update on our progress with our transformation plans – read here.

Transformation update September 2018

People Portal Survey

Please take our survey about the new people portal we are developing – we want to know your ideas about how it can work.

A people portal is a secure, online website that gives service users convenient 24 hour access to personal health and care information from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a secure username and password you will  be able to view health and care information which could include recent doctors visits, discharge summaries, medications etc.

Our survey is here:

People Portal survey July 18


Monthly Feel the Difference Fund Voting (ongoing)


Clinical Commissioning Group consultation on ophthalmology (eye) services – what do you think?  Survey – feedback on Ophthalmology services



Future projects

  1. Mental Health pathway workstreams
  2. Staff mobile working
  3. Integrated care record

Past projects

  1. July 2017
    Share your views on community mental health services in B&NES (on behalf of B&NES CCG) 

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