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Our Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) provide a high-quality speech and language therapy service to children and young people with speech, language, communication, feeding and swallowing difficulties. We offer assessment, advice and therapy to children and young people referred to our service. We also provide training and support to parents, carers, and other professionals so that we can work together to help each child/young person achieve their full potential as a communicator.

For more information about how to refer, how to get advice, who we work with, and more please click on the links below. There are also resources available to download, and other useful websites listed below.

Advice and Referrals

Who do we see?

Where do we work?

About our SLTs

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Attention and Listening Advice

Helping Children with Unclear Speech

Helping Develop Your Child’s Language

Stammering Advice from British Stammering Association

School Age Language Advice

Useful Websites

For information/support about speech and language difficulties: or

The British Stammering Association – for information/advice/support about stammering:

General activities to work on speech and language broken down into age groups and area of difficulties:

For information on the Language for Life Project:

Bath and North East Somerset Council Rainbow Resource:

For information about Bath and North East Somerset free Library Services for children:

My daughter has come on incredibly well since the first session and not only did it help her but it showed me as a parent how to help her develop better