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Dads – You Matter Too!



We know how important your relationship and role is with your child and we are here to support you. Research shows how important the early years are in your child’s brain development which can have a profound impact on their social and emotional abilities as they grow up. We are here to support you to create positive relationships with your child. It is also beneficial for you, your partner and child if you can attend any appointments with the Health Visitor.


The transition to parenthood is difficult, here are a few suggestions to help ease this transition.

– Ask for advice

 -Be involved as much as possible                               

– Try Skin to skin contact with your baby

– Communicate with your partner

– Talk, play, and read with your baby

– Enjoy the cuddles and eye contact

– Rest when able


Following the birth of a child, Dads can sometimes experience depression.

Symptoms can include:

– Feeling down, sad, or hopeless

– Feelings of not being able to cope

– Struggling to bond with your baby

– Constant tiredness, struggling to fall asleep

– Numbness

– Worrying that you don’t love your baby enough

– Feeling Irritable

– Anxiety or Panic Attacks

– Loss of appetite

– Having thoughts of self-harm

If you experience any of these symptoms, or you are concerned about your mental health, please access your GP, or discuss with your Health Visitor by contacting us on our Single Point of Access Team number 0300 247 0055 (Monday – Friday 09:00 – 16:30). There is support available to help you.

What other support is available?

DadPad – Tools and knowledge to help you support your baby and baby’s mother.

The Fatherhood Institute – Helpful information and advice.

Institute of Health Visiting – Top Tips for Parents.

Dads and Partners – Resources to support Dads and partners on their parenting journey.