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Join Karen and become one of BaNES’s amazing Shared Lives carers

Becoming a Shared Lives carer is a rewarding role that makes a huge difference in people’s lives. One of HCRG Care Group fantastic Shared Lives carers, Karen Moody answers some questions about the role and why she loves it so much.








Photo shows Karen Moody (left) and her client Molly Snell


What did you do before you became a Shared Lives Carer?

I was a debt collector for 20 years, but I was a nice one I ended up doing peoples shopping for them.

What made you decide to become a share lives carer?

My mum is a shared lives carer and I did some support work for her. I had seen her doing what she  was doing and thought how great it was. Having a family I wanted to have work that was flexible around my family and fitted in with me too. Shared lives was a good option and I work when I want to and also the time for my family.

What are the best bits about being a carer?

Helping people who wouldn’t have support otherwise is amazing. I feel very lucky to have such a supportive family and not everyone has that. I like involving people in my family life and offering them the support I have had in my life. I like being with people and finding out about them. I support lots of people and they are all so different and diverse, this means I never get bored, there’s always something to do and something to learn. I have loads of fun with the people I support.

What advice would you offer anyone wanting to be a Shared Lives carer?

You need to have a lot of patience and enjoy working with people.  It’s really enjoyable and challenging. It’s like your extending your own family. I find it so rewarding and like I’m making a difference to people’s lives.

What skills or experience do you think people need to be a shared lives carer?

Being caring and family orientated, supportive and understanding. I think anyone can do this role if you have the right values and you like people. Everything else you can learn and you get support with.

What are the challenges about being a shared lives carer?

Sometimes it’s hard to see how little support there is for vulnerable people in the community and when you work with them and care about them you feel very involved in making sure they get the best outcomes in their lives. I just want to help people have the lives they deserve and have a right to. There is little support and Shared lives carers do so many important roles that often no one else is there to do. I think that’s why it’s so important to have more shared lives carers in the community helping people to live the life they deserve.

Get involved!

If you become a BaNES Shared Lives carer, you can be one of the amazing people like Karen who support vulnerable adults to access accommodation, care and be part of their community and regular life.

BaNES Shared Lives Scheme is looking for motivated and caring individuals, couples or families to share their home and community life.  By offering time and encouragement carers are able to develop long term and rewarding relationships with the person that they welcome into their family and home. Carers are self-employed and receive payment for their support time.

Or for further information or to become a carer go to

t: 0300 2470077