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Here is our practical ‘how to’ guide, to help organisations identify the key things – nuts and bolts – that you need to get sorted out before you engage volunteers in your service or community group.

There is so much ‘Good Practice’ information available that it can be a bit overwhelming. We hope that this will leave you thinking that you can get going with volunteers and not be weighed down with extra work.   Hopefully your organisation can make their volunteer programme more accessible and user friendly for all volunteers.

This guide might enable you to involve volunteers with additional needs more easily, but that is not the only reason to see what’s inside. In a nutshell, the key to successfully involving volunteers is being clear and keeping things simple. By making things clear, volunteers and organisations both have a transparent process where everyone knows what is expected of them. This should help everyone avoid difficult situations and have a positive experience.

The guide focuses on Agreements, Task Profiles, Recruitment and Induction. These are the things that form the basis of what volunteers do each day, how you identify the right volunteers and how you train them. Getting these things figured out does take a bit of effort but once it’s done it will really make life easier in the long run, particularly when you get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th volunteer going through the application process and induction training.

Our Nuts & Bolts guide will hopefully make volunteering work well for both volunteers and organisations. Our aim when making this guide, was  to reduce the headache that paperwork can cause and help you to concentrate more on working with your volunteers.  If you have any comments on this guide or questions regarding how to use the exercises, please do get in touch.

Nuts & Bolts Guide for Organisations Using Volunteers