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Current projects

  1. Update on Mental Health Review. Download to find out more and to complete the application form Community Champions (Mental Health Review) application pack
  2. Monthly Feel the Difference Fund Voting (ongoing)
  3. Give us your feedback on our accessible Citizens Panel materials.

As part of our desire to make the Citizens’ Panel as representative as possible of the local population,and to attract as many people as possible to join,we have designed a Panel sign-up form and publicity poster in easy read – which means we have used lots of pictures and symbols. W are currently doing some user testing with users of our Learning Disabilities services but we would like to know what you think too. Please take a look at the documents below and if you have any feedback or comments then please let us know at by March 31st 2018. Are the documents clear? Easy to understand? Is there anything missing that you think should be on there? Thanks for your help.

Citizens Panel Application Form easy read      Citizens Panel easy read poster


Customer Experience leaflet – let us know what you think    Customer Experience Leaflet


Future projects

  1. Mental Health pathway workstreams
  2. Staff mobile working
  3. Integrated care record

Past projects

  1. July 2017
    Share your views on community mental health services in B&NES (on behalf of B&NES CCG) 

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